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How Do You Sleep?

Sleep Better

Poor quality of sleep results in an increased risk of developing chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. If you're not getting enough sleep this can have a negative ipact on your hormones. This can cause irritability, mood swings, cognitive impairment and slowed motor coordination. Your immune system is also affected by sleep quality, making you more susceptible to catching a common cold or a nasty bug going around the office.


Most people may not realize that sleep quality is affecting their immue system or increasing their chances of a chronic health condition. If you are waking up with an achy back, stiff neck, then something is amiss, and your body is signaling you to make a change!


How is your Mattress?

Is your mattress riddled with lumps and bumps? Is it visibly worn, stained, tattered? A mattress that is uneven, smelly, or 5-7 years old needs to be replaced.


How is your Pillow?

Resting your head on a bad pillow can wreak havoc on your quality of rest and ultimately your spine and neck. Replace your pillows every year (or as soon as they feel flat/lumpy) and be sure they are giving you the neck and spine support you need.


How is your Posture?

The doctors at Bryant Medical Group recommend keeping your spine as neutral and aligned as possible during sleep. The two best positions are on your back or on your side. When sleeping on your back try using a small soft pillow for just enough support to keep your head neutral, not propped up. When sleeping on your side you'll want to try using a medium soft pillow to bring your head up just enough to be neutral. Side sleeping is also best with a small soft pillow between your kneesso your hips and lower back aren't being stressed thoughout the night.


If you are experiencing poor sleep quality, or waking up in pain, be sure to make an appointment at Bryant Medical Group and speak with our tea so we can help you get better.

Dr. Michael Fontenot, D.C. Dr. Michael Fontenot, D.C is a native of Eunice, Louisiana. He graduated from LSLJ Health Sciences Center in New Orleans in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Cardiopulmonary Science. Dr Fontenot also has Advanced Certification from the world-renowned Spine Research Institute of San Diego and Dr. Arthur Croft, which focuses on whiplash and brain injury traumatology related to automobile accidents. In addition, Dr. Michael Fontenot, D.C holds a certification in collision biomechanics,diagnostics and treatment.

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