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Truth about Iodine

This article does not constitute medical advice.  This is for educational purposes only.  You should work with a thyroid-literate and iodine-literate doctor to address your unique needs. 


The truth is that Hashimoto's thyroiditis and Graves Disease are both caused by iodine deficiency.  The gland needs iodine for structure, integrity, and function.  When it is deficient, the gland begins to disintegrate and malfunction.  The antibodies are there to clean up the diseased tissue.  We have a wrong-headed view of so-called autoimmune disease.  There is always a cause and the antibodies are there for clean up. 


I thought I knew about iodine too.  Everything I was taught in medical school about iodine was wrong.  Most of what I was taught about thyroid was wrong.  All of our tissues need iodine.  All of our tissues have an iodine transport system to move the molecules into the cells.  The largest concentration of iodine is in the thyroid, breast in women, and prostate in a man.  The Japanese have the lowest incidence of breast cancer due to the high iodine content (about 13 milligrams) in their diet.  Ditto for prostate cancer in the Japanese.  When they come to this country and eat at MacDonald's their incidence escalates to ours.  Fibrocystic disease of the breast can be cured with iodine supplementation.  Breast cancer can be prevented, and in some cases, reversed with the proper dose of iodine.  Prostate hypertrophy and cancer can be prevented with iodine supplementation. A woman who takes thyroid hormones without proper iodine supplementation doubles her risk of breast cancer. 


The thyroid makes at least 12 metabolically active hormones.  The best-known are T4 and T3. Of these 2, T3 does the heavy lifting and has to be made from T4 by a series of deiodinase enzymes.  Fluoride, chloride, and bromide are toxic halides that displace iodine in T4 and T3.  T4 should have 4 iodine atoms.  T3 should have 3.  If even one is displaced by these toxic halides, the molecule doesn't fit the receptor and doesn't function, yet the lab says you have sufficient hormones, but you feel rotten.  Fluoride, being the lowest molecular weight, is a bully and displaces everything else.  Bromide is especially toxic and is put into all baked goods these days. 


Iodized salt is a joke and the salt itself is toxic.  Dr. David Brownstein has an excellent book that I recommend.  It is "Iodine: Why You Need It and Why You Can't Live Without It."  It is available as a digital download. 


The proper way to assess iodine status is with the iodine loading and excretion test.  You take a 50 milligram (NOT microgram) dose of iodoral (the proper iodine supplement) in the morning then discard your first-morning urine.  Collect your urine for 24 hours including the next morning's first urine and send to one of 2 labs.  If you are saturated with iodine you should excrete 90% or more.  Anything less is abnormal.  So with a 50 mg dose, you should excrete 45 mg or more.  96 % of Americans are deficient in iodine.  Some of the most deficient individuals I have seen were when I was in Alaska, especially those from the Aleutian Islands. 


If you have an autonomous functioning hot nodule in the thyroid that is not under pituitary control, iodine supplementation could, in this very limited scenario, cause hyperthyroidism.  The TSH will always rise when you supplement with iodine because TSH is also the signal molecule for the iodine transport system.  It is telling the body to make more transport molecules to move the iodine into our cells.  Doctors will freak out and say "Look!  It's causing hypothyroidism!"  No, it's not. It's simply moving the iodine into our cells.  The TSH usually returns to normal after 6 months or so. 


Most of us have Lyme-related organisms in the blood as seen on dark field microscopy.  Iodine is an excellent antimicrobial and to start on a high dose of iodine all at once is to risk a Jarisch Herxheimer die-off reaction.  We can help you with assessing your iodine status and tailoring a supplement regimen to your unique needs.  You will know when you are on the right dose because your energy will go through the roof, you will sleep like a teenager, cold intolerance disappears, hair grows back, constipation disappears, you wake up feeling wonderful every day -- and your iodine loading and excretion test shows 90% or more excretion. I reversed and cured my Hashimoto's thyroiditis with Iodoral. 


To your unlimited health! 




Brian LeCompte ©

Disclaimer:  I do not give medical advice.  This is for information and education purposes only.  You should consult your own practitioner knowledgeable in holistic, alternative, and complementary medicine.


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