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Why Do Chiropractors Stress The Importance of Posture

Proper Vs. Improper Posture

Chiropractors often stress the importance of posture. This is because it is proven to directly impact the rest of our health. Posture is tricky, because the immediate consequences aren't very noticeable for many people. Once someone is having severe symptoms or pain from their poos posture, it has usually progressed to irreversible damage.


Poos posture has many causes. In the modern world, we spend extended hours sitting at desks, looking down at cell phones/electronics, and these activities an cause poor posture to become a habit. Fortunately, Phase 1 & 2 of spinal degeneration are often reversible with chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic treatments are natural, drug-free and pain-free.


Poor posture can have many immediate effects on the body. These include:


There are many serious long-term effects of poor posture. These include:


Dr. Michael Fontenot with Bryant Medical Group is experienced in treating Spinal Degeneration and their effects on the body. If you are suffering from symptoms of poor posture, we urge you to come in today.

Dr. Michael Fontenot, D.C. Dr. Michael Fontenot, D.C is a native of Eunice, Louisiana. He graduated from LSLJ Health Sciences Center in New Orleans in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Cardiopulmonary Science. Dr Fontenot also has Advanced Certification from the world-renowned Spine Research Institute of San Diego and Dr. Arthur Croft, which focuses on whiplash and brain injury traumatology related to automobile accidents. In addition, Dr. Michael Fontenot, D.C holds a certification in collision biomechanics,diagnostics and treatment.

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