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Have You Heard About Neurofeedback?

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Discover a Powerful New Therapy that can elimate or improve symptoms of:


ADHD                               ANXIETY                              BRAIN INJURY 

DEPRESSION                   FIBROMYALGIA                  LYME DISEASE

MIGRAINES                      PTSD/STRESS                     SUBSTANCE ABUSE

ADDICTION                      AUTISM                               CHRONIC FATIGUE

INSOMIA                           MEMORY LOSS                  EPILEPSY/SEIZURES

STROKE                            OBSESSIVE/OCD                 AND MORE!

The Brain Is A Learning Machine

Neurofeedback works by reconnecting functional pathways in the brain through audio and video stimulation, which only triggers when the brain is operating in normal ranges. Eventually the brain learns to stay in the healthy ranges independent of the computer program. 

Neurofeedback does not target any particular disorder, it changes timing and activation ptterns in the brain. This iproves brain regulation, which can ipact a variety of syptoms. Different syptoms will reuire triggering different areas of the brain.  The software is designed to target specific areas of the brain based on the symptoms. 

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a process of training brainwaves back into healthy patterns using modern computer technology. This non-invasive and drug free approach uses brain imaging technology to record brainwave activity and indentify unhealthy brainwave patterns. Once irregular patterns have been identified, they can be corrected using guided audio and visual feedback. This amazing new technology has proven itself effective over several decades in our clinics with Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Fibromyalgia, Migraines and a host of oter disorders. 

The heart of this process is our Neuro-mapping system, which allows us to image the brain in real time. A detailed report is generated that shows us patterns of abnormal patterns using neurofeedback. Through repetition of trainign sessions, the brain learns how to make normal healthy patterns on its own. 

The Brain Affects Our Behaviors

Emotions are reflections of the energy in our brains: excess Beta can produce anxiety, too uch frontal Alpha can result in depression, and elevated Theta can produce ADD. Re-training brainwaves allows the central nervous system to learn how to self-regulate, directing it away from debilitaing, painful, destructive disorders. 

Research and clinical studies show that many cognitive situation unresponsive to medication or psychotherapy can be resolved with neurofeedback in 20-40 sessions. Some chronic disorders spanning many years, including those complicated by substance abuse, can show iprovement after just one session!